BMX Hype at the British Champs

Well the BMX Hype team headed to the midlands for the final big race of the season, The British Champs.

This was the first time the new Perry Park track hosted the event and they did a brilliant job as it made for some great racing with an atmosphere to match.

Alex Brookes our youngest rider was hoping he could repeat what he had achieved at the national in Birmingham. He has raced well in the age above all season however it wasn't his day as he went out in the Semi final.

Brother Ryan was also hoping he could make the main in the age above but again the semi final was the end of the line for Ryan as he finished in that dreaded 5th place just missing out on the final.

Tian Isidore has been getting some extra coaching from brother Coach Q leading up to this event. It looked like it was paying off as he was ripping up the motos. Come final time it looked to be a good showdown between him and Ross Cullen. Tian took a well deserved 2nd place and it will be a matter of time before he has his 01 plate.

Next was our lone girl on the team Alesi Tye. After taking the national number one she had her eyes set on the British title. Making it hard for herself after the semi final she had to come out of gate 6 for the main. She went into turn 1 in second place but showed her maturity as she was patient before making her move and made it stick in the second corner. After that Alesi never looked back, retaining her title and completing the double. Well done Alesi!

George Hawker stepped his game up this weekend at the Brits making moves to make his first A final this season in the 16's. The moves didn't stop there as be threw some down in the final claiming a 5th place finish from gate 8.

Shaun Issitt in his 21st British Champs and his favourite event of the year stepped his game up to make it through to the final, not without the drama of a reran quarter final. Hitting the gate left him at the back of the pack but a swoop in the first corner saw him go from 8th to 4th where he stayed for the rest of the lap.

Mapp IssittChris Mapp looked good in the early stages of the day but a tough semi final saw Chris battling for fourth place with 2 other riders. Sadly the attacks where too much to hold off as he went out at the semi final stage in 5th place.

Laurence Mapp was on fire this weekend making it through to the Elite main. He found himself in between academy rider Kyle Evans and Elite World Champ Liam Phillips. That didn't phase him as he got a decent snap and more space than he thought he'd get when LP unclipped. Carnage in the first corner saw a small gap open and close as Laurence tried to sneak through but ended up on the floor. He got up and finished 5th but was awarded 4th after Liam was DQ for not riding through the pro section.

A great first season for the BMX Hype team and the TMs couldn't be anymore happier on how the team has progressed throughout the year.

We would like to thank our sponsors Edwards, Revel, Mission MX, Peak Performance and Ultimate BMX Parts, without them we wouldn't be where we are today. We would also like to thank the parents and others that help with the team area each national. Finally we'd like to thank you guys for the support and visits to the website. It's been a crazy year from a joke about starting a site to running a successful team.

See you next year at the first round but before that be sure to check the site for the latest gossip on the British BMX Scene. We will so keep you updated on our winter training camps and a few new signings we have.


Laurence TT

Gosport National - Rounds 8 & 9

The team headed South to Gosport for the final rounds of the 2013 National Series.

This was the first time we had all riders racing both days. Finally a full strength team was ready to race.

Our youngest rider Alex Brookes was on fire this weekend. After getting back from the World Champs we thought the Brookes bros would be feeling the flight like their parents but this wasn't the case. Alex racing up an age group in the 11s made final both days. Taking 4th place on day one and 6th place on day two. These two big performances meant Alex sneaked into the top 8 finishing in 8th joint points with 7th.

Ryan Brookes was also on the ball this weekend. Day one saw Ryan's best finish of the season, making the main and taking a well deserved 5th. Ryan doubled up for the weekend putting in a great performance to reach the main again day 2 finishing in 7th. Ryan racing up this year found it hard and his size is apparent against the older lads, he rode well and came into his own just in time for the Brits. 11th position overall is a great result for the little man.

Tian IsidoreTian has came on this season so much and day one he finally got what he has been working towards. It shows hard work and dedication truly works. Day 1 Tian took the win for his first win of the season ahead of Fin Hall. Tian managed a 3rd place on day 2 which left him in 2nd overall for the season. A brilliant season for Tian and he is hoping for a big result at the Brits and after this season we think he has the potential to get it.

Alesi Tye put the hard work in and was rewarded this season being BMX Hypes only National Champion. Alesi had wrapped the title up before this weekend but wanted to carry on her winning streak of 4 wins. It wasn't to be for her as she crashed on day one collecting a DNF, day 2 Alesi came back battered and bruised and fought back for a second place. Alesi focus now switches to the Brits to hopefully double up with both titles. Time will tell.

Shaun Issitt & Chris Mapp

George Hawker had a tough weekend at Gosport not getting out of his motos both days which he wasn't happy about. He has vowed to change this come Birmingham Brits. After a tough season in the 16s George finished in 15th place.

Shaun Issitt fresh off a lads holiday in Kavos managed to make the main on day 1 but became a safety bike in the final making sure everyone got around safely finishing in 8th place. Day 2 was a strange one as this saw the two BMX Hype owners Shaun & Chris in the same semi elbowing each other for a qualify place, moves were being thrown which saw Issitt hit the deck and Chris following after he thought he had moved into 4th safely only to run into a rider still down from the previous race. The Semi was rerun and Issitt wasn't successful going out. In the B final a wheel spin Chris Mappleft Shaun finishing in 6th place. After a season of injury Issitt managed to end up 14th place overall.

Chris Mapp decided that he was ready to race both days for the first time since making his return. He was glad about it too as day 1 didn’t go how he had hoped. Going out in the Semis left him in the B final where he finished 3rd. He more than made up for it on the second day after the fiasco mentioned earlier in the first attempt of the Semi Final, the rerun saw Chris get through to the main. With his best snap of the weekend coming in the final he took a very respectable 4th place finish. Only entering three rounds Chris still managed a 20th place finish in the 17/29 year olds.

Laurence Mapp

Our most experienced rider Laurence Mapp had a mixed weekend. Day one showed that the old boy in Elite still has pull and can worry some of these younger Elites. Laurence after a worldy of a gate found himself on the podium in 3rd place after being beaten to the line by Chuck Manaton in 2nd. Day two saw Laurence making moves on Academy rider Kyle Evans for 4th place but loosing momentum allowed Jacob Roberts in for 4th, Laurence couldn’t make the ground back up and went out in 5th. A good first season back in Elite for Laurence finishing 10th and expect bigger things next season as he trains hard throughout the off-season.

A great first year for the BMX Hype Race Team collecting many podiums throughout the season. The team managed a 9th place finish in the Elite Team National Standings. We said at the start of the season that it wasn’t about results, we would be happy if the team gave 100% at every race and left it all on the track. This is exactly what everyone did, a massive well done to all that have made this a successful first season.
See you all at the British Champs in Birmingham in three weeks time.

Big thank you to Spencer Moret / and Dave Franciosy for the pictures.



Manchester National - Rounds 6 & 7

This national proved to be a mix bag of results for the BMX Hype team. Manchester is a tight track which left for some close racing and moves being made in most corners.

Alex Brookes had a tough weekend at Manchester going out at the Qtr final stage on day 1. Day 2 he vowed to go further and that’s what he did. He made it into the Semi’s but didn’t progress any further. Both Brookes bros have had a tough year this season racing up but they are more than happy with their progression mixing it up with the big boys. Alex finished in 5th place in the B final and after this weekend this leaves Alex in 9th position in the 11 year old boys.


Ryan Brookes couldn’t progress any further than the Semi Finals on day one and took a 5th place finish in the B final. Ryan once again made it to the Semi’s on day 2 but again went out at this stage. An improved performance meant that he achieved a 2nd in the B Final and with these results leaves Ryan sitting in 11th position with only two rounds to go.

Tian Isadore didn't have a great weekend, not feeling very well on the Saturday he struggled to clip in on the gate of his Qtr final, he just about managing it as the voice commands finished which left him in the pack. It didn't get much better as he crashed going into the first corner. Day 2 for Tian made the final as was in 3rd when he ran out of corner in turn two going down again over the turn. Tian remains in 2nd place and this will be a weekend to forget for him.

Alesi Tye has come on leaps and bounds this season and this shows with her recent run of form. She took the win both days making that 4 National wins on the bounce with 5 wins in total to hAlesier name. Day 2 was definitely the better of her two days taking a maximum 54 points winning all three motos and the final with a great last corner move on Jenny Noble that left me and Chris going crazy in the commentary tower. This win sealed the National Title for Alesi but with two rounds to go she will not want her streak to end giving her great confidence to double up with the British Champs Crown.

George Hawker is a local boy riding out of Manchester Club. George made it to the Semi finals both days but that was as far as he progressed. Day 1 he took 7th place in the B final and Day two saw him using his local knowledge to avoid carnage and take the B Final win.

Shaun Issitt was back from injury after breaking his elbow at Cyclopark. He still wasn’t happy with his results from the weekend though as he took 2nd in the B-Final on day 1 and went out in the Qtrs Issitton day 2 after being squeezed down the first straight. Sure he will come back stronger for Gosport National.

Chris Mapp has been riding a bit of late and decided to get back into the mix at Nationals. He only rode day 1 but got into the 17/29 Final beating team mate and Co-Owner Shaun Issitt to the line in the Semi Final for that all important 4th place. Chris would have taken a final place before the start of the weekend but wasn’t happy with his 6th place finish after smashing the gate in the Final. He was devastated that he hadn’t booked in to race day 2 but settled with a Birthday Meal on Saturday night.

Laurence Mapp is another one of our riders who gets better each race. He was unlucky to miss out on the main on day 1 going out in the Semi Finals but he wasn’t alone as Chuck also ended his day at this stage with a shock exit. Day 2 Laurence looked good all day in his motos out front and sailed through his Qtr final. Semi final time came and with Laurence completely blowing the gate there was he had no right to make the main. He avoided Paddy’s crash in turn one which left him in 6th but with a brilliant swoop and avoiding Jacob Roberts sliding out in the last turn. Laurence was making moves again in the final swooping in the last corner what we thought earned him a 2nd place until we got to him and found he had finished 4th


Perry Park, Birmingham - National Rounds 4 & 5

Alex Brookes

The hit Perry Park for Rounds 4 & 5 of the national series. The national followed the teams training camp at the same venue one week earlier. It has to be said the training definitely paid off.

Alex has without a doubt began to find his feet racing up an age group. He was on fire all weekend, not making a national main so far this season the aim was set to make it this weekend. Solid laps all weekend long allowed him to reach the final both days and if that wasn't enough he got on the podium taking two 3rd place finishes. This leaves Alex in 8th place in the national standings with 4 rounds to go.Ryan Brookes

Older brother Ryan Brookes is also riding up and like Alex his goal was to make his first national main this season. Again his short term goal was reached making the main both days. On day 1 Ryan placed 8th which he wasn't happy with and vowed to improve on day 2 which he did taking a well deserved 6th. This weekends results leave Ryan sitting 10th overall. The Brookes bros have showed that hard work and persistence does pay off as they are Tian Isadoreprogressing nicely throughout this season.

Tian Isadore is the quiet one out the team but is coming out of his shell race by race and you can see that new found confidence in his riding as well. Tian is a contender in this class and its surely a matter of time before he can stop Ross Cullen's dominance in the 13's. Tian sits 2nd overall in the standings after a 5th and 3rd from the weekend. Following his older bros crash he knows that Quillan will be pushing him hard over the coming months.

Alesi Tye

Alesi Tye is becoming unstoppable at the moment. She looked strong during the training weekend but is her biggest critic, she knows what she needs to improve and will work extremely hard to get everything perfect. That's exactly what she did this weekend not dropping a lap taking the win both days leaving her leading the standings winning 3 out of the 5 George Hawkerrounds so far.

George Hawker set his goal for the season to finish in the Top 8 and he is working hard to reach that. George is such a smooth rider however semi finals were too much for him this weekend as he went out at that stage both days. Day 1 he managed a 5th in the B Final and Day 2 saw him improve finishing 4th in the B Final. These results leave George in 12th in the standings of the 16 Boys.

Laurence Mapp

Shaun Issitt missed this event due to his broken elbow sustained at the last national, Cyclopark Kent. He was still on hand to run his schweepstake.

Laurence Mapp works extremely hard between races to ensure he can hang with the big guns. After making the main last time out he was desperate to repeat that fate. Day 1 saw him go out in the Semi Final after being in 5th next to the huge crash from Quillan, this is where Laurence gained huge respect from all the BMX Community pulling straight out the race to be first on the scene to help Quillan. Day 2 he was making moves in his Semi Final with a swoop in all three corners, but this wasn't enough as he finished in 5th. Laurence sits in 11th in the Elite standings.

Another national done and dusted for BMX Hype and it is looking to be quite a successful first season for the team. We will see you all at Rounds 6 & 7, Manchester.


Shaun Issitt

Cyclopark, Kent - National Rounds 2 & 3

BMX Hype team hit Cyclopark

When we say hit I mean literally for myself, but I'll start with our younger riders first.

Alex Brookes riding up an age group this year and is learning fast. He reached the semi finals both days but failed to progress any further. Day one saw him claim 3rd in the B final and a win in the B final on day 2.

Older brother Ryan is also mixing it up in the age above and he like his brother is improving each race. Ryan made semi final both days after racing well in his motos but didn't go no further falling short of making the A Final. Day 1 Ryan finished 5th in the B final with day two ending in a 2nd place finish in the B.

Tian Isidore has been putting in some secret training and with his delivery of his new kit he looked the part. Day 1 he was on fire holeshotting the majority of Alesi Tyehis races including the final. Tian led all the way to the last straight before being passed by Ross Cullen. Day 2 Tian was on form again taking a well deserved 2nd place.

Alesi Tye BMX Hypes lone girl is a great listener and she has been taking it all in, going away and working on it and this weekend the hard work paid off. Day 1 final saw Alesi not get the best gate meant she was in 2nd going into the first corner but an amazing swoop for the lead stuck and she led from there on in to take her first win of the season. Day 2 final Alesi was closed down and squeezed into 5th but not scared of making moves she diced her way into 2nd where she finished.

Laurence Mapp

George Hawker is getting taller each time we see him and so are his expectations. He is a consistent semi finalist but that's where it ended on both days. He took 6th in the B final on day 1 and the same again on day 2.

Shaun Issitt's weekend wasn't the greatest ending at the Quarter final stage crashing out whilst in a safe qualifying position. A broken elbow left him out for Day 2 and more than likely to miss the next two Rounds at Birmingham.

Laurence Mapp has been working hard the last few months and he was over the moon with his Day 1 performance. A great snap in the semi final allowed him to come across from 7 to make the main. In the final a move for 4th that didn't stick left Laurence fall back to 7th where he stayed. Day 2 Laurence couldn't repeat day one with a scary moment on the second straight meant he went out at the semi final stage.



In all a good weekend and progression is definitely occurring. That and we got our new team area for this national, looking very professional. We have to thank Revel Bikes for hooking us up with the Gazebos and flags, Edwards for all the support, Mission MX, Peak Performance, all the riders and of course the parents.

Thanks to Dave Francoisy from Identity for the race photos and British BMX Series for the videos.

BMX Hype team tentTeam Area

Any race you see BMX Hype around don't be shy to come and say hello!


South Regional Cyclopark

For those riders that went to get some last minute race practice in before the national were met with some crazy cross wind. Those that braved the wind had a good days racing with not too many crashes.

The Final race of the day was the Elites with BMX Hype's own Laurence Mapp taking the win and 80quid along with it.

Alex and Ryan Brookes both raced up an age group and held their own. Ryan crashed in the last corner whilst in 3rd and Alex took a well placed 4th.

Alesi Tye had a perfect day winning all motos and final.

Tian Isadore also raced up an age group and finsihed 6th in the final.


All their race videos will be up shortly!


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