BC Team shows us the way through!

New year new changes: and I feel these were a bit overdue. The NCC in Manchester has had tweaks to the third straight and when you thought the indoor couldn’t get anymore gnarlier it has!

Indoor Changes1

The pro third straight in now completely different and the BC squad have been showing us how to get through it. With 10m gaps involved there is no room for error.

Quillan posted a video and showed that there are two possible ways through (Both of which are huge). The first is tight and shows there’s no room for error. The second way results in a huge triple at the end of the straight. Which one would you choose?

Kyle Evans also went through the third straight, here are his videos. Kyle calmly said the gaps are “a good size” but we all know they are a lot bigger than that. This should make for some good racing come the next round at the indoor.

Good job Tuffs got his triple in before these changes to join the likes of Kyle Evans, Tre Whyte, Barry Nobles & Corben Sharrah. Not a bad group to be in!

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