Aaron Geary

2017 Racing Age Group – 17-24 male

Club – Leicester Huncote Hornets

Years Racing – 7 years

Favourite Track – Past – Cheddar. Present – Huncote.

Favourite Rider – Maris Strombergs and the man that is Toni Syarifundin

Favourite Song – Past – Eminem, Mosh. Present J.Cole, She’s mine pt.2

Favourite Film – The Big Lez Show, Toy Story

Previous Accolades – Getting 42nd in the 2017 national series 😉

Best Result in 2017 –

2018 Goal –

Best thing about being on BMX Hype – Banter and being pushed by other riders to progress.

Favourite Pass Time – Clubbing and going on lads holidays to Wales.

Interesting Fact – I’m currently training to be an accountant.