Shaun Issitt

2018 Racing Age Group – Masters

Club – Leicester Huncote Hornets

Years Racing – 27 years

Favourite Track – ’99 Vallet, France.

Favourite Rider – Thomas Allier. Way ahead of his time, too smooth.

Favourite Song – Retro – Childish Gambino

Favourite Film – Freedom Writers

Previous Accolades – 5x British Champ, 3x National Champ, 2x Euro #6, Euro #5, Euro #7

Best Result in 2017 – National win

2018 Goal – Stay healthy for the birth on my first child!

Best thing about being on BMX Hype – Training the riders and seeing them progress and improve throughout the season.

Favourite Pass Time – Holidays

Interesting Fact – I used to be fast.


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