Racing Under the Roof

The Racing Under the Roof series continued at the weekend and whilst it was cold outside with the snow falling, the racing was as hot as ever.

The NCC, Manchester has seen some changes over the last month and this was the first time these changes were subject to a competitive race. The changes threw up some great racing and here are some of the best races from the weekend.

In the Pro-Am it was a Grand Prix format which resulted in Quillian Isidore taking the overall win with current W3 Tre Whyte in 2nd. The final race had everything.

The Pro-Am Women went at it in their final as we saw a two woman duel throughout the race.

17/29 saw Cal Strickland take the win but this final was pure carnage with two separate crashes.

BMX Hype’s Ryan Brookes was on it and briefly led the final before finishing 3rd. Watch out for Ryan this year and when he finally grows he will surely be a force!

BMX Hypes new signing for 2015 Josh Barsby took a respectable 5th place finish.

If you haven’t booked in for the next and final round before the national you won’t have long before it sells out.

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