You have to love Nobles

Barry Nobles is getting well known all over the biking industry thanks to the GoPro. He has used social media to produce pictures such as this


Nobles has to be one of the most stylish riders at this current time in BMX racing. He is not one to follow the rules (which is bad kids) and defiantly gets himself notices. Which also helps if you have a Ex World champs girlfriend like Caroline Buchanan.






This time though he has taken it further, not wanting to be sitting still he decided to be towed by a motorbike and jump a 60ft gap, as you do. Well he captured it all for your pleasure.

Manchester National Opener


With only a week to go until the 2015 UK BMX National Series kicks off excitement is beginning to increase.

The first national rounds at the indoor will see the new block racing format.

Block 1 – 12 & unders plus all cruisers

Block 2 – 13 and overs

Block 3 – Championship & Elite (Sunday Only)  

Block racing was introduced to cope with the increased rider numbers over the past few year but also to be more inline with the way European events work. Hopefully people stick around to watch the Elite races vice versa the older guys fill the stands for the younger ones. Guess time will tell.


You have until Wednesday 4th March to enter for the event. After Wednesday you will be able to enter at the event on the Friday only and it will cost more.

Enter the National event here


Your schedule for the weekend is as follows:


18.00pm – 19.00pm Under 12
19.00pm – 20.00pm Over 12
20.00pm – 21.30pm Open Session
11.00am – 20.00pm Registration


8.30am – Warm Up Block 1 20″
9.15am – Warm Up Block 1 Cruisers
9.45am – MOTO’s Block 1
12.00pm – ¼ Finals Block 1
12.30pm – ½ Finals Block 1
1.00pm – Finals Block 1

1.45pm – Warm Up Block 2
2.30pm – MOTOS’s Block 2
4.30pm – ¼ Finals Block 2
5.00pm – ½ Finals Block 2
5.30pm – Finals Block 2
5.50pm – Warm Up SX Women
6.15pm – Warm Up SX Men

6.45pm – MOTOS SX
7.45pm – ¼ Finals SX
8.15pm – ½ Finals SX
8.30pm – Finals SX


8.30am – Warm Up Block 1 20″
9.15am – Warm Up Block 1 Cruisers
9.45am – MOTO’s Block 1
12.00pm – ¼ Finals Block 1
12.30pm – ½ Finals Block 1
1.00pm – Finals Block 1

1.15pm – Warm Up Block 2
1.45pm – MOTOS’s Block 2
3.15pm – ¼ Finals Block 2
3.45pm – ½ Finals Block 2
4.15pm – Finals Block 2

4.30pm – Warm Up Block 3
5.00pm – MOTO’s Block 3
5.30pm – ¼ Finals Block 3
6.00pm – ½ Finals Block 3
6.30pm – Finals Block 3

BMX Mentality today

I have been in BMX 24 years and seen a huge change in the mentality of racers today. One of the main changes is the fact that everyone is now a professional, the next Olympian or making a career out of BMX (despite being 10 years old or amounted to nothing in the sport). Yes it’s amazing that BMX is now an Olympic sport and it is great to have dreams and ambitions. I’m not s
aying don’t dream big, but also be realistic!

I blame this new era of social media; Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (All of which you can follow BMXHype on) have a huge part to play in the change of how BMXers see themselves today! They can write to their ‘fans’ talking about a new big deal they have just signed or how training is going well despite doing two sprint sessions over the winter. How many out there write they are currently training whilst sitting back on their sofa watching TV or playing their consoles. Guess when the gate drops at round 1 let’s hope all that hype has got into their competitors head.

Saying that a lot of riders in the UK have stepped up their game and a lot more riders are now training hard. When I was young BMX racing was about raw talent but we didn’t have the access to training that riders do nowadays. There is more BMX coaches out there, a qualification in BMX that is BC accredited and of course the Internet with a fountain of training programmes and advice ready for you just one click away. This has shown as we have more and more riders in the UK making mains abroad and even some W1 and E1 plates floating about in the past few years. Just remember these W & E plates only go up to 8.

BMX OlympiansHowever, we have to remember GB has only ever had two Olympians in BMX and only a few riders “living” from the sport. I say living as most of the riders wouldn’t be able to retire as wealthy as other athletes in the UK. Is this because BMX Racing hasn’t had the input from the media as other sports have resulting in rocketing wages, guess we will find out in the future, just be sure to have a back up plan if the dream doesn’t come true.

But again if we don’t dream and follow that dream who’s to say you could/couldn’t have made it if you tried. Who’d have thought Darts would be a sport that players can earn millions of pounds out of being overweight. It only takes one change, one person to inject a bit of money, a new angle and the whole sport could change massively.

All I say is BMX mentality has changed today. Everyone has a sponsor and we all know it as we see riders saying thank you for all the support over social media despite having to pay for all their kit, bike and received no help what so ever from the team. A sponsor for me is more about the support and the progression of the rider. This comes in the form of advice from someone who knows about racing, pro rider within the team or just a training camp ;).

Yes train hard, yes have that determination to win just don’t hype yourself up too much! Remember the key thing in BMX is to enjoy it. Don’t make your hobby a job just yet, we don’t.

BMX Fun 1 Hype Fun






I still do love BMX.

The Midlands Champs – New Venue

The midlands champs is some months away and probably not something you’ll be thinking about just yet with the National Series imminent. However, for the Leicester Huncote Hornet this is something they are thinking about and will be all the way up to race day! They will be hosting the event in September this year. Not only is it the pressure of holding a event for first time they are yet to have a full size BMX track, this isn’t phasing them though as they have more experience behind the scenes than most people know.

Current chairman is Yan Freakley, for those who know the name and have been in the game long enough this is father of former elite rider Dan Freakley. Along with Yan comes a great team and set of young prosperous riders at the club.

With working starting in April this will leave plenty of time for you to get practice in before the event. Along with the new 8 man track the current 4-man track will remain which is great for beginners. It doesn’t stop there as they’re plans to install a 2-man gate followed by a 100m Tarmac sprint straight as well as piping under the track to install floodlights at a later date.

There is a hell of a lot of potential on the site and the club is looking to be the next Hawks, Preston and Peckham who have all built a new track in the past and began a thriving club that has gone onto doing great things.

It doesn’t stop there though as the Pavilion/Leisure Centre also on the site is about to get an upgrade. Bar and Cafe soon to be installed which sorts the parents out as well. With plenty of space this could be a venue for the future and bigger events but time will tell.

The track has been designed but is subject to some tweaking as club riders sit down in the near future along with the club to discuss what they would like to see on their new home track. But we have been supplied with the following drawing. Like it? If you do make sure this is a track you session come the summer time.

Huncote BMX Track

Forget Who is Ash Davey more like where is…

Ash DAsh Davey took the British Championship Title in 17-24 in 2012 and followed this up in 2013 taking the Championship Men National Title. 2014 Ash Davey disappeared so BMX Hype decided to catch up with him.

What you’ve been up to since having the break?
Not really been up to much over the year. Started a new job which I will admit has slowed me down with the things I do a little. Can’t afford to have the time off work. Lost a lot of weight, then put most of it back on again. Haha.

What training you done this year?
I have done ZERO training, other than riding the track.

What’s made you come back?
I miss the atmosphere, people and adrenaline. (The tracks all being new-ish, look good to ride and built by the best!)

What is the aim this year if any?
No aims as such this year, just to have fun and do my best.

Who will you be riding for in 2015?
As always I’ll be riding for C&K

So come the start of the 2015 season look out for Ash Davey’s smooth riding style. He is a natural on the BMX, he’ll probably be the one doing a tyre grab over a double.

Good to have you back.

Cornwall BMX Needs You!

10923668_368016896715777_3636058579117767584_nCornwall is best know by surfers heading down to Newquay for the weekend. Hopefully not for too long as there has been a big push to create a National standard BMX track in the region.

Cornwall BMX Racing Club is a well-established racing club with a growing membership and significant record of achievements at local, Regional, National and International levels. The club is British Cycling affiliated and has Go-Ride accreditation, with British Cycling qualified in-house coaches that provide regular training sessions.

They are hoping that this new track will become a center of excellence over time with exemplar National facilities to allow the continuous development of riders.10906117_10205677618361744_7706299967412077529_n

The track will support riders by providing qualified coaches who are able to inspire and develop riders to meet their own goals and targets.

Whilst the track’s key objective is to provide National BMX Racing within easy reach of the main conurbations of Camborne, Redruth, Pool and Truro, it will be developed and located to attract all levels of riders from wider-reaching areas.

The track will act as a hub of activity and capture your aspirations whether you want to simply fun free-ride with friends, become a Cornish Champion, compete at Regional level, take on the National BMX Race Series or represent Great Britain at World and international level.

It is planned to use a blend of initiatives to ensure that the club secures incomes streams which in turn will ensure sustainability of the facilities.

At this planning and development stage we are also looking for potential Partners that wish to join us – please contact us direct via private message.

Cornwall BMX Racing Club Chairman Mark England said “After 32 years it is now time that Cornwall BMX Racing Club is allowed to develop a National Standard Track in Cornwall so that our athletes have the opportunity to practice and train on a high quality facility.”

The club has been rallying support from all corners of the country and has gained a huge number of fans for the project.

Del Commons the club’s Head Coach added “On Thursday 8th January 2015 Cornwall BMX Racing Club posted a new page on Facebook which is being used to gain support for our project. Cornwall BMX Racing Club – National Track Project achieved in excess of 1000 LIKES and votes of support with 72 hours and has now reached an audience in exceeding 10,000 people and other clubs.”10849005_835002396538684_1117471999540551460_o

Supporters include World Cruiser BMX Champion Kelvin Batey, Olympic athlete Shanaze Reade and a host of other National and Regional clubs and riders from around the UK.

Mark England added “We see the location of the track as significantly important to ensure that the facility will be sustainable for years to come. We have targeted the main Cornwall conurbations of Truro – Redruth – Camborne as the key area for the new facility and are working hard with Partners to make this happen. We thank everyone for their support so far and ask that you keep SHARING, POSTING and LIKING our page to show your support.”

So if you want to help head over to their Facebook Page by clicking here. Like the page and get the word out so that the powers that be can see how much support there is.

Racing Under the Roof

The Racing Under the Roof series continued at the weekend and whilst it was cold outside with the snow falling, the racing was as hot as ever.

The NCC, Manchester has seen some changes over the last month and this was the first time these changes were subject to a competitive race. The changes threw up some great racing and here are some of the best races from the weekend.

In the Pro-Am it was a Grand Prix format which resulted in Quillian Isidore taking the overall win with current W3 Tre Whyte in 2nd. The final race had everything.

The Pro-Am Women went at it in their final as we saw a two woman duel throughout the race.

17/29 saw Cal Strickland take the win but this final was pure carnage with two separate crashes.

BMX Hype’s Ryan Brookes was on it and briefly led the final before finishing 3rd. Watch out for Ryan this year and when he finally grows he will surely be a force!

BMX Hypes new signing for 2015 Josh Barsby took a respectable 5th place finish.

If you haven’t booked in for the next and final round before the national you won’t have long before it sells out.

Merry Christmas from BMX Hype


Us at BMX Hype want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We will see you in 2015 with all your new bikes, kit and other race equipment that Santa brought you.

As it’s Thursday and Christmas, there nothing more fitting than to show you a brilliant #TBT (Throwback Thursday) as our present to you.

This comes from the 2009 Euro round at Cheddar when Mim le Pennedu decided Elite practice was overrated and thought it would be better to treat the fans.

Anyone seen where the Leicester Huncote Hornets tent is?

Anyone seen where the Leicester Huncote Hornets tent is?

This is a question that won’t be asked next season at nationals and Midlands regionals. The Leicester based club have gone all out for the 2015 season with this Gazebo design and race shirts. HuncoteHuncoteTopsHuncote Hornets is a small club on the outskirts of Leicester. They have been up and running for a few years now and churned out some talent over the years. They’ve had a national champ, British champ and and european finalist.

Currently owners of a 4-man track but have been given the go ahead to build an 8-man track. This has been a long process for the club as this was due to start last year but a catalog of problems have pushed the starting date back and back. Newts was the first issue and then issues with the council but it now looks to be all ready to go. Look out for this stop on the Midlands regional calendar in the near future.

Be sure to like their Facebook page.