World Champs 2015

Here are your moto sheets. Click the link, find your age and see your sheets. Don’t worry who’s in there as to be the best you have to beat everyone. 

20 Moto Sheets 

Cruiser Moto Sheets 

Junior & Elite Moto Sheets 

Live feed


Rocco Summerville – W8

Elsa Rendal-Todd – W1 CHAMP!!!

Freia Challis – W5

Mica Pritchard – W3

Esme Brook – ? 

Lucy Simpson – ?

Myles Wildbore – W4

Gabe Simpson – W8

Lucy Hutt – W2

Ralph Grimett – W7

Taylor Hunt – W1 CHAMP!! 

Betsy Bax – W1 CHAMP!!

Emily Hutt – W6

Emma Jeffers – W8

Lauren Anyon – W8

Luke Shriever – W2

Imogen Hill – W8

Emily Orena – W6

Ryan Martin – W1 CHAMP!!

Ross Cullen – W1 CHAMP!! 

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