Worlds Schweepstake 

When it comes to the BMX World Champs the first thing I think about is racing! Shortly after that I think Schweepstake. This year at Zolder is no different! 

The first worlds Schweepstake was in South Africa 2010 on the Zelltours trip. All tickets sold on the coach before we even arrived at the venue! People were throwing rands around like it was Monopoly money. Euros are the same.

So in Zolder make sure you find Shaun Issitt and get involved in the Schweepstake. This year for the first time ever top 4 places will be paid out. 

How much?

€5 per pick, have as many goes as you want! (Please be responsible) 

1st €240, 2nd €150, 3rd €60, 4th €20

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